Monday, September 8, 2008


''Tangzhuang'' refers to the traditional Chinese clothing that developed between the Yuan dynasty and the Qing Dynasty , but is most commonly associated with the latter. It principally consists of the ''changshan'' for men and the cheongsam for women. Tangzhuang clothing was influenced by the Manchu styles of Qing's rulers and represented a break with earlier ''Hanfu'' clothing.

China and other areas inhabited by ethnic Chinese, the wearing of ''tangzhuang'' is experiencing a limited revival. At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Shanghai, China in November 2001, the host presented its silk-embroided ''tangzhuang'' jackets as the Chinese traditional national costume. This triggered debate among Chinese, many of whom seriously questioned the legitimacy of the ''tangzhuang'' as their national costume because it originated from non-ethnic Chinese Manchu clothing practices enforced by the Qing Dynasty Queue Orders.

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